Winnie Daughter of Azania

What happens if Kidnappers also get kidnapped?

About The Book

To save her mother and her community, a 16-year-old Azanian girl embarks on a journey
that will make her into a kidnapper. Winnie is the only daughter of the late community hero Nelson Mapuka, a man whose love for Azania led to him sacrificing his life for the community. However, her mother’s weird illness makes her embark on the journey to find help, after all hope disappears. Along the way she falls into the clutches of Jacky and Kurt, professional kidnappers who are desperately in search of a lady around her age to fulfil the wish of a frantic Mayor, Honourable Dagado, and his witchdoctor. Just when Winnie thinks death is the only way out, the unexpected happens, opening doors for revenge and revealing secrets that will shock the community. Like her father, the love of her people is built into Winnie, but will her non-racial love and bravery be enough to save her mother, as well.


Author spotlight

Ade Ajibulu is a graduate of Teachers College. He is a passionate teacher, motivator writer and a published author. After resigned as a classroom teacher in 2015, Ajibulu committed fully into writing of various genre. He has published two Young Adult books to date- 'Johnny Famous Journey' and 'Winnie- Daughter of Azania' (both books in consideration for film adaptation). His upcoming books include My Brother from Another Mother, The School Mother, and a non-fiction with the title Xenophobia Hammer. However, Ade is not only an anthor but also a passionate filmmaker and content developer. He has written and produced two low-budget films with the title ‘Guardian Angel (2014)’, and a Thirteen-episode local Television Drama Series with the title ‘Friends and Families’ (2016). The film was screened at FESPACO FILM FESTIVAL, BURKINA FASO, 2017 (The largest film and television festival on the continent). The screenplay was also selected as one of the best ten drama series at the 2019 ATF Chinese Pitch in Singapore

Ade Ajibulu

Readers say

Winnie - Daughter of Azania  by Ade Ajibulu is a brilliantly plotted, character-driven story that explores the courage of a young woman in saving her people. Sixteen-year-old Winnie is the sole daughter of the community’s legendary hero, Nelson Mapuka. Now, with Mapuka gone and her mother very ill, she must do something to save her mother. When Winnie sets out to find help, she gets entangled with professional kidnappers, Jacky and Kurt, who are on a sinister mission for Mayor Dagado. Winnie might be what the Mayor and his witch doctor need for their nefarious schemes. In a twist of fate, she finds herself thrust between the enemy and her community. How far can she go to save the people of Azania?

Ruffina Oserio(Readers' Favorite)

This is an engaging story with an unforgettable female protagonist who must rise above the challenges of the time to save both her mother who is sick and her oppressed community. Winnie goes out to find help for her sick mother and community but comes across two dangerous kidnappers. Jacky has worked for Honorable Dagado even before he became mayor. Tasked with an unusually dangerous mission, he seeks the help of Kurt van Derk, a strong partner in crime. Winnie happens to be exactly what the Mayor and his despicable witch doctor are looking for. Will Winnie be a sacrificial lamb that frees her people or will she be another wasted life? The twist is something I didn’t expect, and neither will you.

Grace Masso (Readers' Favorite)

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